Denver Comic Con Art and Artists Or Why We Are Now Broke

Because it's all about the art.
Because it’s all about the art.

Denver Comic Con 2016 is in the books and it looks like, once again, attendance records were smashed and epic fun was had by all. We did and saw a lot of awesome stuff at Con this year, and we can’t wait to share it all with you! Let’s start with the art. While we didn’t stop by every table in Artist Valley, we did meet some amazing new artists, as well as visit with old friends.  Our credit card companies will thank us and our grocery budgets for the next month have been severely depleted, but our walls look amazing! Here’s a roundup of all the super talented, super funny and incredibly generous artists we met at this year’s Con. We’ve included links to finding their work for you to buy for your very own, as well as their next Con appearance where would could. But seriously, go to their sites, support their work and find beautiful art that you love!

Meg Kirkpatrick aka Meg McMuffins

Meg is our new favorite person in the universe. Know why? Because that Deadpool on a Unicorn up there? It fracking sparkles you guys. Megan bought the only one at Comic Con, and Carolyn may or may not have threatened to sneak into Megan’s house during the day just to visit it. It is truly beautiful. And just FYI, Deadpool is playing Careless Whisper on the saxophone. Because of course he is. Meg’s next stop is Chicago Comic Con in August, and you’d do well to make sure and stop by her table if you’re there. Tell her that Sisters in Geek sent you, OK?

Super Emo Friends

Come on. I mean, COME ON! Super Emo Friends are amazing, and you should collect them all. They are awesome and ridiculous, and no geeky household is truly complete without them. We’re already saving up to finish our collections. See Super Emo Friends for yourself at their website or at Boston Comic Con in August. Just play it cool. You don’t want to make them sadder.

Ben Byrd

Beyond shrieking in delight that Ben had a Luna Lovegood print this year, we really don’t know what else to say. Besides: adorable, dragons, Star Wars and BY THE WAY DID YOU SEE LUNA? Sorry, sorry, we get excited. Ben was lovely, as always, and we need so many frames now for all the pretties. You can purchase your very own whimsical adorableness at Ben’s shop or go meet him yourself at Salt Lake Comic Con, an event we’re 99% certain he’s attending.

Megan Lara

Megan Lara’s art is beautiful and lyrical. I feel calmer and better about life just looking at it, don’t you? She does everything from Buffy to Final Fantasy, you’re sure to find something for every geek in your life. Check out her site, where she shares her amazing work and keep an eye out for her at all the best Cons in the MidWest.

Will Terry

Will is an illustrator of children’s books who is also kind enough to share his whimsical drawings with the grownups! We can’t think of better way to help your geek child fall in love with reading than with a beautifully illustrated tale of worms or skeletons or monsters! Or perhaps a pencil drawing of a sci-fi icon is more your thing. Will’s got you covered. Check out his site!

Felipe Echevarria

Felipe is a fellow Colorado resident, and we here at Sisters in Geek fracking love that Denver Comic Con continues to show such amazing support to the local artists here. Felipe’s work covers a lot of ground, from graphic novels to portraits, rich in color and detail. Be a serious nerd for a few minutes, and contemplate the galleries he has posted to his site.

Ryan Cain

Ryan Cain was Carolyn’s absolute favorite discovery at Con. Ryan won the DCC Artist Lottery to even have his table, and boy did Denver Comic Con pick a winner. He’s hilarious. His drawings are witty, sharp and perfectly on the geeky point. Resisting buying one of every thing was truly a challenge. While I have to live with the regret of not picking up just one more of his super geeky Zelda prints, I take solace in the fact that I gave Mr. Cain some amazing beer recommendations. We’ll always have that.

Chrissie Zullo

If loving Chrissie Zullo’s work is wrong, then we don’t want to be right. She’s Canadian, just like our very own Sister in Geek, Shannon. She draws beautiful stuff filled with girl power and our favorite characters. She brings characters from all across the geek spectrum to life on the page: gaming, movies, comics, the works. I dare you to try and spend less than an hour staring dreamily at her site. You can’t do it. You have to stay. That’s OK, we’ll be there too.

Monkey Minion Press

Dane and Ashley are the best. They’ll talk about art, convention floor layouts and Mass Effect all in the same day, and with the same passion. Because of them, Carolyn’s nephew has an awesome new book, Carolyn has penguins and Megan has the Mass Effect movie poster she never even knew she needed. The Monkey Minions are an absolute can’t miss at any Con they attend, the next of which is the granddaddy of them all, SDCC in July. For us mere mortals who can’t be in San Diego, you can also find their great stuff online and they’ll be at Rose City Comic Con in Portland this fall. Tell them we sent you and tell them we love them the most, OK?

Jenny Parks

Jenny Parks turns cats into superheroes. What else do you need to know? She is, in fact, so awesome at turning cats into superheroes and other things that she will be at the actual CatCon in LA, THIS VERY WEEKEND. That is amazing. If CatCon isn’t your thing (totally cool), you can also see Jenny at SDCC in July or visit her lovely site to pick out some superhero cats of your very own.

Jennette Brown

Jennette is lovely and kind and really good at bringing your favorite characters to life. From adorable Calvin and Hobbes mashups to brooding David Tennant’s that make you a wee bit swoony, she’s got a little something for everyone. If you happen to attend Salt Lake Comic Con, her table is a can’t miss. You can also find her beautiful prints at her site.

Joe Corroney

Joe is a super fantastic comics artist whose work, we think, has appeared literally everywhere. Star Wars. Dr Who. He’s got it all. You can see him at SDCC in July, or if you’re feeling international, at Star Wars Celebration: Europe. Fancy.

Meg Daunting

Cats. In. Space!!!!! And other adorable things. Meg Daunting has a rich style and pithy subjects that are sure to make the nerd in you soooooo happy. In addition to prints, her work is available in many fine ways, including shirts and mugs and possibly breakfast cereal. No, wait, that’s something else. Phone cases and tote bags. That was it.

We loved meeting you all so much this past weekend at Denver Comic Con. Please come back next year so we can buy more of your beautiful art. We’ll try to open up some wall space before then.


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