Artists and Vendors You Have to See At Denver Comic Con

Because it's all about the art.

Because it’s all about the art.

It’s T-minus 2 days until the amazing, geeky extravaganza that is Denver Comic Con and Sisters in Geek couldn’t be more excited. 3 days of pop culture awesomeness are about to start, and if I can be serious for just one moment, after the events of this past week, we could all use an extra dose of geeky, welcoming community. And believe me, one of the best places to find that will be on Denver Comic Con’s show floor. We here at Sisters in Geek strongly encourage you to explore all the artists, authors and vendors at Con this weekend, but here are a few we think you absolutely can’t skip. So bring your wallet and let’s support some amazing artists together!

Jeannine Schafer – Booth 868

naughty kitty

Caught ya! Naughty Kitty.

We met the amazing Jeannine Schafer at last year’s DCC and have been in love ever since. She creates beautiful, adorable art featuring lots of animals. Her work is full of whimsy and love and cats doing hilarious things. You simply must stop by her booth. It will make you smile, and Jeannine herself will make you laugh.

Ben Byrd – Booth AV206-207



Do not miss Ben Byrd and his beautiful prints. He creates gorgeous, lovely prints in all sorts of sizes, featuring all your favorite childhood characters. From Han Solo to hobbits, Ben has it all. Last year, I got my niece an Elsa print that is now one of her prized possessions, not to mention all the wonderful prints I got for myself. Ben is friendly and welcoming and happy to chat about anything and everything. His booth is not to be missed!

Elisa Wikey – Booth AV234


I have a problem.

Elisa is brilliant and hysterical. She creates comics and art and she is just plain awesome at it. We love the way she captures moments in a single panel, and we love her wit. Third thing we love? Butts. So many butts. I’m going to need a new wall in my house after I’m done visiting Elisa’s booth.

Geek Fuel – Booth 675

geek fuel

Get your Geek On!

Geek Fuel is a local Denver company offering monthly nerdy subscription boxes of awesome. Plus the people that work there are fun and funny and they will have lots of cool stuff for your geeky collections. You might need to buy a new shelf to show it all off after your done hanging out with Geek Fuel, but it’ll be worth it.

Kaitlin Ziesmer – AV032-33


Wonder Trooper!

I don’t even know how to truly describe Kaitlin Ziesmer. She creates these amazing pop culture mashups that are hilarious and brilliant. If the one thing you are missing in life is Wonder Woman wearing a Stormtrooper helmet, this is the booth to check out. Her work will make you laugh and think and enjoy life a little more absurdly.

Karen Hallion – Booth AV072

Belle and Doctor Who by Karen Hallion

Bell and Doctor Who by Karen Hallion

Karen Hallion is genius. Her art speaks to us. It says “Take me home and love me and find cool, whimsical ways to put me on your wall.” If you love Dr. Who, and Disney princesses and basically everything awesome, you have to stop by her booth and indulge.

Monkey Minion Press – Booth 600


Look, birds!

I’m so happy Monkey Minion is coming back to Denver Comic Con this year! These folks are funny and snarky and sharp as tacks. Oh, and they also make amazing art, as well as geeky books aimed at a younger audience. But geeks of all ages will love their books and prints and postcards! Stop by and chat with them for a bit. Your credit card company will thank you! And hopefully, we can get answer to this question.

Sphero – Booth 227


This is Shannon’s BB-8. He wants to be friends with your BB-8. So adopt one!

They make BB-8. I’m really not sure why we would need to tell you anything else? Except that they are based in Boulder, they do amazing work in robotics and toys and you should support them. So they can make us more BB-8s. Priorities!

Tentacle Kitty – Booth 149


Tentacle Kitty! This is art.

Tentacle Kitty is a ridiculously cute web comic. And they also make adorable matching plushies of their characters. It’s a kitten with tentacles. What more do you want out of life? I have a teeny black tentacle kitten that lives on my desk and fiercely protects my sushi erasers from any of my colleagues who might steal them!

Obviously, there are hundreds of artists and vendors invading the Convention Center this weekend in Denver. We cannot wait to meet even more new and amazingly talented people. We’ll see you at Con! Look for us in our super cool Happy Alien shirts! We’ll have stickers and high fives and compliments for your cosplay.

To learn more about Denver Comic Con and their partnership with Pop Culture Classroom, check out their websites here: Denver Comic Con Pop Culture Classroom

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