Never Weird? Almost…


You're Never Weird on the Internet

Felicia Day just released a memoir. Who is she? Felicia Day is creator and star of The Guild, and co-creator of the Geek and Sundry site, packed full of web series. She also is a founder of Vaginal Fantasy, an online book club for romance books. Oh yeah, and she has appeared in Eureka, Supernatural, and Dr. Horrible!

You’re Never Weird on the Internet (almost) is Felicia Day’s love story with the internet. (Although, they did break up that one time.) It is a story most of us are familiar with. The people you know in real life don’t want to talk about your video game poetry obsession. It is also a story about when we had to walk uphill both ways to get anything done online. For instance, funding and promoting a show before there was Kickstarter or social media, or anyone even knew what a web series was. It is an inspirational tale for people just starting to share their internet weirdness. It is a map of the potential pitfalls to creativity and sanity.

Felicia Day’s word choice is perfectly ridiculous. “Stay Puft Marshmallow of Doom!” She writes a beautiful comedy that made me laugh a bit too much to seem normal in public. What does the public know, though? With their books that don’t make them laugh hysterically?

Felicia has met some of the weirdest people, and you get to meet them too! She has such a relaxed writing style, that it feels like you’d hear all these stories drinking with your friend. Probably with some “THAT CAN’T HAVE HAPPENED!” thrown in. No really, did all of that really happen?

I realized halfway through the book that I actually met Kim Evey, producer of The Guild, at SDCC last year. She came over to say hello to my friend Tabz. I said something nervously like “Hi” or “Nice to meet you.” Now that I know how hard creating The Guild was, I need a time machine to go back and fix that. I didn’t realize there was DVD shipping hell! I’m thankful that everyone involved in The Guild stuck it out so Tinkerballa could inspire me. I always think of her when boys are giving me a tough time for being a gamer. Tinkerballa doesn’t put up with that, also can you go mine some gold for her?

Never Weird also delves into some serious drama that we all experience to some degree, when people on the internet decide you shouldn’t be allowed a viewpoint because of your sex, age, race, orientation, etc. Also, with a bit of, I’m going to have a very strong opinion about someone I didn’t even bother to google.

Felicia poses a problem in her book, that we, the internet can absolutely solve. She describes how the hateful and awful comments stick with her, but the nice comments don’t. Now having too often read the comments, I can tell you, the good comments are often all the same and not very vivid. They are often similar to “I love you!”, “Love your show!”,”You’re great!” etc. These aren’t as eye catching as hateful ones. I feel like some of our passion is lost. Let’s all take some time to make sure we write nice comments that she’ll never forget! Word choice and passion! We can do this!

Felicia Day, you’re a fiery badass Pixie of Nerdom! (Pixies of Nerdom have comic book wings, obviously.)

If you love The Guild, read this book. If you love Felicia, read this book. If you need a funny guide to starting your own internet work and promoting it, read it. Also, internet nerds, female gamers, female nerds, this is a book about us. READ IT!


Was It Good For You? A Roundup of SDCC Awesomeness


While we couldn’t be there in San Diego this past weekend for Comic Con, you can bet your best cosplay britches that the Sisters in Geek were soaking up as much of Con as possible through the amazing power of the internet. Comic Con is always a beautiful and outrageous thing, and 2015 was no exception. Over the past 5 days, the Sisters have binged on every ounce of SDCC awesomeness, and we present to you our personal highlights, not to be missed moments and basically everything that made us go “SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!”  like the super geeks we are.

These are presented in no particular order, cause who has time for that?

The Star Wars Panel of Epicness:

We think this speaks for itself, but holy crap did JJ Abrams and crew really just blow the doors off of SDCC. The glorious roar of geeky glee was so loud, we might have heard it in Denver. Just everything about it was over the top and rock star, but the moment that had us reaching for tissues was Harrison Ford walking out on stage. If that didn’t fill your soul with joyous nostalgia, geek love and excitement, well, you’re probably not a Star Wars fan. And that’s totally fine.

All of the absurd love for Con Man

Alan Tudyk is a treasure and seeing him and his motley crew of friends succeed in bringing this series to life and into Hall H was just awesome. Seeing all those famous faces turn the well deserved spotlight on Alan and his vision was moving. To link to every great snippet of Con Man love from the weekend would be basically impossible, but go watch the trailer linked above and google the rest of the shenanigans from San Diego right after you pre-order the series. You won’t regret it, and on September 30th, you’ll have a present for yourself! Everybody wins!

Mockingjay Part 2

The Revolution Will Be Televised. And you WILL like it. From the great intro and teaser trailer to the riotously good time Conan was having hosting it, the Mockingjay panel delivered. But, for us, the best part was definitely watching the cast demonstrate just exactly how much they care for each other, exactly how ridiculous they are, and exactly how much fun they are having at all times. Seriously, I rewatched the back forth bit of Josh trying to turn off JLaw’s mic about 10 times. Because hilarious.

Nerd HQ’s Badass Women Panel

Zach Levi and the crew at Nerd HQ always deliver. Even though there were some technical issues this year with the live stream, their commitment to giving fans long distance access to the amazing conversations they have is awesome and praiseworthy. The Badass Women panel has been a highlight the last 2 years cause these ladies always bring it. The absolute, hands down best moment was Felicia Day’s delightful rant about women, leadership and telling the patriarchy to more or less shove it. Or maybe it was the tangent about doing a genderbent Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

The Birth of Benry:


It really speaks entirely for itself, no?

The epic Dubsmash throwdown between the casts of Agent Carter and Agents of SHIELD

One of my very favorite things about Comic Con is seeing geeky famous people be geeky and silly and ridiculous. It’s delightful to see that these casts genuinely enjoy each other, are having fun together and at Con, and it’s super delightful that they share that infectious fun with us, the fans. Also, Clark Gregg is killing it in that hat. #TeamSHIELD


And last, but certainly, 1 million percent not least, we got retweeted by one of the coolest, awesomest nerdiest geeks who ever lived: Adam Savage.


There were so many amazing things at this year’s SDCC, make sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for more coverage and tell us in the comments what your highlights were! Counting the days till next year already.

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