Introducing Super Best!


People call their lists many things: Top 10, Your Desert-Island Picks, Must See TV, Must Read Books, Best of, The Classics. A list is a list, so what’s in a name? Restrictions! We don’t want to make Top 10 lists because sometimes the right number is 22, or 5. If you are stranded on a desert-island there probably isn’t electricity, so how does anyone watch movies or TV? And who are we to tell you what you must watch, read, or play?

We call our lists SUPER BEST so you know how enthusiastic we are, and that’s the only real restriction we’ll give ourselves, to love everything we put on our lists. That also means, when we find new things we love, we’ll add them to our lists.

Now we haven’t quite read and watched everything that exists yet, so help us out in the comments by calling out your own favorites.

To see our SUPER BEST! lists go to REVIEWS & SUPER BEST! and choose SUPER BEST!



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