DCC Last Minute SQUEEEEEEing


Alright, I don’t have time for a fancy organized post. So here are some random last minute con prep thoughts!

1. You, fellow nerd-person, are formally invited to attend our Denver Comic Con panel Natural 20: How RPGs are Changing the World on Friday 6/30 (TOMORROW! OMG!) at 4:30PM in room 607. It’ll be D&D story time, and we’d love for you to come and tell your own D&D stories on the positive theme of how D&D helps us all with team building and making friends and joy and story telling and snacks. If you haven’t played pen and paper RPGs, come anyway! We are fun people.

We’ll also be giving out a few things because why not? Critters, we love you. Please come and say hi! OMG can you believe that last episode? EEEK!

2. Jody Houser is coming. JODY HOUSER IS COMING TO DCC! 

She’ll be in Artist Alley at booth O-01. Faith, guys. Not Buffy Faith, but flying super sarcastic superhero faith. If you aren’t reading it you should be. It just won some fancy award. It is hilarious. FAITH! JODY HOUSER!

DCC17_JODY-HOUSER (1)jody houser

3. Carolyn Nowak is also going to be there. LUMBERJANES! It is such an oddly cute and deep comic. Plus they DCC17_CAROLYN-NOWAKhad a crossover with my other favorite cute and deep comic Gotham Academy! So much love. She has some really great comics up on her webpage too. One is about almost astronauts and evil bitches next door. I just started it and want to read it instead of typing this sentence. You can find her in Artist Valley Table N-26! Or at these panels: Creating your own Independent Comics Friday at 12PM 8bit Stage @ Kids’ Lab, Not Just Angry Superman – Comics Young Women Can Identify With Friday at 2PM Room 503, Boom! and Kaboom! Saturday at 1PM room 503 (also includes Sam Sykes, Jim Campbell, and Ian McGinty), Comics Writing Careers for Young Women Saturday at 4PM 8bit Stage @ Kids’ Lab.




4.   Georges Jeanty (artist for Buffy Season 8, 9, Firefly comics) is back this year for the 20th Anniversary of Buffy! He’ll be at Artist Valley, Table A-02. He has the party table. Last year there was music, and people were just hanging out talking nerdy stuff. It is a very entertaining place where you can feel free to discuss if that big thing that almost ate fake-buffy at the beginning of season 8 is a dragon or not. He’ll also be on these panels: Diversity in Comics I – Are Things Really Changing? Friday at 1PM DCCP6 Coast City Room, Buffy Comics 20th Anniversary Creator Celebration Sunday at 1:30PM Room 501.


5. Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed at Comic Con. Since it may reach temps that put wookiees in danger, you should think about bringing some. Snack bars! Dried fruit! Undried fruit! Trail mix! Put some snacks and water in your bag right now before you forget!

6. Oh wait, that was it. I’m going to go back to reading this comic about the bitches next door to almost astronauts. It is pretty vital for my con prep right now. HAVE FUN THIS WEEKEND, CON PEOPLE!

DCC 2017 Preview: Artists

Because it's all about the art.

Because it’s all about the art.

It’s almost time for Denver Comic Con fellow geeks! You know what that means, it’s almost time to spend all your money on amazing art to adorn your walls. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Many of our favorite artists are returning to DCC this year, and we can’t wait to see what they’re bringing. And of course, we know that new artists await us on the Con floor, and we’ll tell you all about them too, don’t worry.

But for now, here’s our list of artists whose tables you absolutely MUST visit during DCC.

Credit: Atomic Pixies

Credit: Atomic Pixies

Atomic Pixies – Booth C07

We are so happy that Atomic Pixies will be back at Con this year. If you think I’m not picking up some awesome Stars Wars pieces this year, you’re insane.


Credit: Ben Byrd

Credit: Ben Byrd

Ben Byrd – Booth M17

We buy all the Ben Byrd every year. Because every year he has more adorable, wonderful and whimsical art. I, personally, don’t have all of the dragon pieces yet, so I’m excited to finish out my collection.


Credit: Elisa Wikey

Credit: Elisa Wikey

Elisa Wikey – Booth M04

I love Elisa’s stuff so much that I want to hug it! Witty, adorable and perfect, this year I’m hoping to stock up on stickers and pins.


Credit: Jeannine Schafer

Credit: Jeannine Schafer

Jeannine Schafer – Booth 659

Hands down the best creator of ridiculous cat art on the planet. She does other animals too, but her cats are the best. Plus, she also has t-shirts that are so soft you will weep.


Credit: Jenny Parks

Credit: Jenny Parks

Jenny Parks – Booth Q07

OK, OK, maybe Jenny Parks has the best ridiculous cat art on the planet. Don’t make us choose! It’s impossible. I for one am definitely picking up her Wonder Woman cat this year.


Credit: Karen Hallion

Credit: Karen Hallion

Karen Hallion – Booth G19

If loving Karen Hallion is wrong, we don’t wanna be right. Her art is beautiful, powerful and awesome. Be sure to take one of her pieces home, won’t you?


Credit: Katy L Wood

Credit: Katy L Wood

Katy L Wood – Booth E17

Katy’s work is sometimes dark and gorgeous, and sometimes whimsical and bright. It’s always lovely. For bonus points, Katy hails from Colorado, so show some support for our homegrown talent!


Credit: Meg Kirkpatrick

Credit: Meg Kirkpatrick

Megmcmuffins – Booth F05

Meg is the absolute best, and I’m not just saying that because she brought my halfling Bard Portia to life. Her art honors a lot of fandoms, from Critical Role to Supernatural to Hamilton. She’s also hysterically funny and has Blucifer pins available! ALL HAIL BLUCIFER, Lord of the Airport.


Credit: Monkey Minion Press

Credit: Monkey Minion Press

Monkey Minion Press – Booth E13

Books! Prints! Magnets and posters! Amazing, beautiful work from the ridiculously talented hands of Dane and Ashlie, Monkey Minion is a can’t miss stop at any Con. Plus, they like space! Space is awesome.


Credit: Ryan Cain

Credit: Ryan Cain

Ryan Cain – Booth O23

We love Ryan’s clean style and top notch attention to detail. Also, he’s for sure a gamer nerd, which grants bonus points!


Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all our DCC coverage! We’ll be posting live from the Con floor, sharing favorite moments, panel highlights and chance encounters. And of course the best cosplay. Don’t miss a moment! Find us for free stickers and other Con fun!

Trina Robbins Interview!


A lot of things come to mind when we think of Trina Robbins: Incomparable. Badass. Wonder Woman. Sassy. Outspoken. Feminist. Legend. Type of woman we want to be when we grow up. (Shhhh…we’re still growing up! There is still time!)

We were first exposed to the power that is Trina Robbins at Denver Comic Con 2015, when we saw her on a panel about the Golden Age of Comics. She was outspoken and inspiring and really the best part of that panel, so naturally we were thrilled when she returned to Denver Comic Con in 2016. As a speaker at a main event panel kicking off the 2016 show, Trina assured us that, having not been invited, she was about to crash a panel later that morning featuring creators of Wonder Woman comics. She made good on that promise, and for many of us, that Wonder Woman panel was one of the highlights of the weekend.

Trina has worked as both an illustrator and writer in comics. She was the first woman to draw Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman’s title comic. She’s also a herstorian, highlighting women contributions to comics, her most recent being Pretty in Ink. Trina’s history book Women at War is available for free at her website.

Many of us have felt slightly queasy at some of what happens in comics, and Trina has been there to make guidelines. Posing and clothing matter in art! Major female characters should have a bible as to how they are drawn. When they don’t that opens the door for artists to exaggerate the character’s appearance to be highly sexual. Trina’s matter-of-fact stance that women should be depicted as humans, in how they are drawn and in how they are written, is inspiring.

Now, we get a chance to help Trina Robbins! Trina has a Kickstarter to collect and print her comic series Dope, that we talk about more below! It goes through 8/19/2016!


Trina Robbins and Mindy Newell at DCC 2016!

SiG: How long have you been going to cons? 

Trina Robbins: Wow.  My first con was Phil Seuling’s second NY Comic Con, in 1969. I was on an underground cartoonist’s panel, and I remember wandering around the floor and over hearing 2 teenage boys talking and one of them said, “I hear Trina’s coming.” And I thought omigod, somebody knows who I am!

SiG: What is your favorite Wonder Woman arc you worked on?

Trina Robbins: I have loved the last 3 that I wrote, but I guess I’d have to say my 30 page Sensation comic. I’ve always liked the Cheetah and thought that she had possibilities going beyond being just another villain, so it was satisfying to write a story in which she and Wonder Woman work together. Not to mention I was happy to be able to squeeze in stuff about vivisection and destroying our rain forests without (I hope) getting too preachy.

SiG: We’ve always been a bit confused about how Wonder Woman grows up in an all female society, but often has been given male love interests, and doesn’t seek out a lot of female friends or companions when she leaves that society. Do you have an opinion on that transition for her away from the amazons?

Trina Robbins: I loved the Holliday girls!  But the guys who in the past wrote Wonder Woman, I think gave her all those male love interests so nobody would think she was a Lesbian. If I could write an extended story arc, I would give her back a version of the Holliday girls.

SiG: Have you seen the new Wonder Woman movie trailer? What did you think? 

Trina Robbins: I love it, but it’s so dark! Isn’t it ever daytime with full sun on Paradise Island?

SiG: For anyone just starting to read/see your work what should they start with?

Trina Robbins: My early stuff makes me cringe, but around the 80s I think I hit my stride. You probably know that there’s a Kickstarter to reprint my adaptation of Sax Rohmer’s novel, Dope, and I think that really holds up as some of my best work. Or maybe they should read my last and final history of women cartoonists, Pretty in Ink, or one of my non-comics books that I really like, such as Tender Murderers, my book about women who kill.

SiG: Yes, the Kickstarter to collect and print your Dope comic into a graphic novel! It looks amazing. (I can’t believe I didn’t ask about it first. We are a little Wonder Woman obsessed lately.) A female becoming ensnared in London’s drug culture seems like a very dark topic for comics in the 80s. What was that like creating it?

Trina Robbins: Haha! I too am obsessed by Wonder Woman! I can’t believe that she’s finally done right: story, art, and all!  We need no further proof that we women are winning the comics world.

About Dope: Ooh, I wouldn’t call it dark so much as pulpy. Sax Rohmer was a master pulp writer, and this story is absolute blood and thunder, opium dens and all. The characters are so colorful, they just asked to be interpreted in comic form, but this is in no way grim’n’gritty, like those awful comics of the 90s. Of course I drew it, so we don’t have “bad girl” characters with brokeback poses, and I carefully researched the clothing, using old magazines from the period, unlike so many male cartoonists of that time, who thought if you just made the dresses long, it looked old. I am a stickler for research, in case you didn’t know. Dope was one story that I thoroughly enjoyed adapting!

SiG: You came into an industry where women characters were lacking, what do you feel like you brought to your women characters?

Trina Robbins: In those early days, when the industry was hyper male-dominated, my characters were fantasy reflections of me. Just like Tarpe Mills’ character looked like her and ever had her cat, enabling Tarpe to have adventures on paper, while the flesh and blood Tarpe sat at her drawing table, I could have adventures and be different kinds of women just by drawing them.

SiG: What was the most fun character to work on?

Trina Robbins: GoGirl!, done by Anne Timmons and me. I loved creating that character, my take on the superhero, and Anne and I made a great team — she is a pleasure to work with, and she’s such a good artist! Too bad the book was before its time, back in the days when the comic shops were all guy stuff so we got lousy distribution.

SiG: In your career, what did you get away with that you were surprised you got away with?

Trina Robbins: When I wrote “Wonder Woman, the now and Future story,” beautifully drawn by Colleen Doran, I was able to list domestic violence hotlines and shelters here and in the UK on the inside back cover. People have told me, “How good it was that DC included that list!” And I respond, “DC didn’t include it, *I* included it!” Still, they let me, and that was good.

SiG: What is your favorite story about your time in the industry to tell (and please tell it!)

Trina Robbins: Well, okay, it should probably be a positive one, huh? Here’s one I tell when people ask me for advice: It was at a San Diego Comic Con, around 1998, and I walk by the Topps table and see that they’re publishing Xena comics, and my heart skips a beat because I am such a Xena fan. So I go over to the guy standing behind the table and I say, “Hi, my name is Trina Robbins and I’ve written Wonder Woman and I would kill to write Xena.” And he’s all snooty and nose in the air and says, “We already have our writers.” So I could have been Hemingway, but he doesn’t care. So I walk a little further down the table and there’s a woman. So I go up to her and repeat my spiel and she says, “Sure, email me,” and hands me her card. It’s Renee Witterstaeter, and we have since become friends and I love her! Long story short, I emailed her when I got home and she wound up accepting my 2 part Gabrielle story. Not as good an ending: Renee left Topps shortly after that, my next editor was a guy, and even though the TV people okayed my next Xena story and I wrote the whole thing, he never used it. But the moral is, if one editor doesn’t like your proposal, try another editor.

SiG: We try our best to promote women doing great work, and support any artists creating fully realized female characters. Is there anything else we can be doing to encourage stories with great female characters?

Trina Robbins: I think you’re doing it — you, and all the groups like you. There has never been a better time for women in comics!


Remember to check out Trina Robbins’ website and her Kickstarter which closes on 8/19/2016!

Denver Comic Con Art and Artists Or Why We Are Now Broke

Because it's all about the art.

Because it’s all about the art.

Denver Comic Con 2016 is in the books and it looks like, once again, attendance records were smashed and epic fun was had by all. We did and saw a lot of awesome stuff at Con this year, and we can’t wait to share it all with you! Let’s start with the art. While we didn’t stop by every table in Artist Valley, we did meet some amazing new artists, as well as visit with old friends.  Our credit card companies will thank us and our grocery budgets for the next month have been severely depleted, but our walls look amazing! Here’s a roundup of all the super talented, super funny and incredibly generous artists we met at this year’s Con. We’ve included links to finding their work for you to buy for your very own, as well as their next Con appearance where would could. But seriously, go to their sites, support their work and find beautiful art that you love!

Meg Kirkpatrick aka Meg McMuffins

Meg is our new favorite person in the universe. Know why? Because that Deadpool on a Unicorn up there? It fracking sparkles you guys. Megan bought the only one at Comic Con, and Carolyn may or may not have threatened to sneak into Megan’s house during the day just to visit it. It is truly beautiful. And just FYI, Deadpool is playing Careless Whisper on the saxophone. Because of course he is. Meg’s next stop is Chicago Comic Con in August, and you’d do well to make sure and stop by her table if you’re there. Tell her that Sisters in Geek sent you, OK?

Super Emo Friends

Come on. I mean, COME ON! Super Emo Friends are amazing, and you should collect them all. They are awesome and ridiculous, and no geeky household is truly complete without them. We’re already saving up to finish our collections. See Super Emo Friends for yourself at their website or at Boston Comic Con in August. Just play it cool. You don’t want to make them sadder.

Ben Byrd

Beyond shrieking in delight that Ben had a Luna Lovegood print this year, we really don’t know what else to say. Besides: adorable, dragons, Star Wars and BY THE WAY DID YOU SEE LUNA? Sorry, sorry, we get excited. Ben was lovely, as always, and we need so many frames now for all the pretties. You can purchase your very own whimsical adorableness at Ben’s shop or go meet him yourself at Salt Lake Comic Con, an event we’re 99% certain he’s attending.

Megan Lara

Megan Lara’s art is beautiful and lyrical. I feel calmer and better about life just looking at it, don’t you? She does everything from Buffy to Final Fantasy, you’re sure to find something for every geek in your life. Check out her site, where she shares her amazing work and keep an eye out for her at all the best Cons in the MidWest.

Will Terry

Will is an illustrator of children’s books who is also kind enough to share his whimsical drawings with the grownups! We can’t think of better way to help your geek child fall in love with reading than with a beautifully illustrated tale of worms or skeletons or monsters! Or perhaps a pencil drawing of a sci-fi icon is more your thing. Will’s got you covered. Check out his site!

Felipe Echevarria

Felipe is a fellow Colorado resident, and we here at Sisters in Geek fracking love that Denver Comic Con continues to show such amazing support to the local artists here. Felipe’s work covers a lot of ground, from graphic novels to portraits, rich in color and detail. Be a serious nerd for a few minutes, and contemplate the galleries he has posted to his site.

Ryan Cain

Ryan Cain was Carolyn’s absolute favorite discovery at Con. Ryan won the DCC Artist Lottery to even have his table, and boy did Denver Comic Con pick a winner. He’s hilarious. His drawings are witty, sharp and perfectly on the geeky point. Resisting buying one of every thing was truly a challenge. While I have to live with the regret of not picking up just one more of his super geeky Zelda prints, I take solace in the fact that I gave Mr. Cain some amazing beer recommendations. We’ll always have that.

Chrissie Zullo

If loving Chrissie Zullo’s work is wrong, then we don’t want to be right. She’s Canadian, just like our very own Sister in Geek, Shannon. She draws beautiful stuff filled with girl power and our favorite characters. She brings characters from all across the geek spectrum to life on the page: gaming, movies, comics, the works. I dare you to try and spend less than an hour staring dreamily at her site. You can’t do it. You have to stay. That’s OK, we’ll be there too.

Monkey Minion Press

Dane and Ashley are the best. They’ll talk about art, convention floor layouts and Mass Effect all in the same day, and with the same passion. Because of them, Carolyn’s nephew has an awesome new book, Carolyn has penguins and Megan has the Mass Effect movie poster she never even knew she needed. The Monkey Minions are an absolute can’t miss at any Con they attend, the next of which is the granddaddy of them all, SDCC in July. For us mere mortals who can’t be in San Diego, you can also find their great stuff online and they’ll be at Rose City Comic Con in Portland this fall. Tell them we sent you and tell them we love them the most, OK?

Jenny Parks

Jenny Parks turns cats into superheroes. What else do you need to know? She is, in fact, so awesome at turning cats into superheroes and other things that she will be at the actual CatCon in LA, THIS VERY WEEKEND. That is amazing. If CatCon isn’t your thing (totally cool), you can also see Jenny at SDCC in July or visit her lovely site to pick out some superhero cats of your very own.

Jennette Brown

Jennette is lovely and kind and really good at bringing your favorite characters to life. From adorable Calvin and Hobbes mashups to brooding David Tennant’s that make you a wee bit swoony, she’s got a little something for everyone. If you happen to attend Salt Lake Comic Con, her table is a can’t miss. You can also find her beautiful prints at her site.

Joe Corroney

Joe is a super fantastic comics artist whose work, we think, has appeared literally everywhere. Star Wars. Dr Who. He’s got it all. You can see him at SDCC in July, or if you’re feeling international, at Star Wars Celebration: Europe. Fancy.

Meg Daunting

Cats. In. Space!!!!! And other adorable things. Meg Daunting has a rich style and pithy subjects that are sure to make the nerd in you soooooo happy. In addition to prints, her work is available in many fine ways, including shirts and mugs and possibly breakfast cereal. No, wait, that’s something else. Phone cases and tote bags. That was it.

We loved meeting you all so much this past weekend at Denver Comic Con. Please come back next year so we can buy more of your beautiful art. We’ll try to open up some wall space before then.


Artists and Vendors You Have to See At Denver Comic Con

Because it's all about the art.

Because it’s all about the art.

It’s T-minus 2 days until the amazing, geeky extravaganza that is Denver Comic Con and Sisters in Geek couldn’t be more excited. 3 days of pop culture awesomeness are about to start, and if I can be serious for just one moment, after the events of this past week, we could all use an extra dose of geeky, welcoming community. And believe me, one of the best places to find that will be on Denver Comic Con’s show floor. We here at Sisters in Geek strongly encourage you to explore all the artists, authors and vendors at Con this weekend, but here are a few we think you absolutely can’t skip. So bring your wallet and let’s support some amazing artists together!

Jeannine Schafer – Booth 868

naughty kitty

Caught ya! Naughty Kitty.

We met the amazing Jeannine Schafer at last year’s DCC and have been in love ever since. She creates beautiful, adorable art featuring lots of animals. Her work is full of whimsy and love and cats doing hilarious things. You simply must stop by her booth. It will make you smile, and Jeannine herself will make you laugh.

Ben Byrd – Booth AV206-207



Do not miss Ben Byrd and his beautiful prints. He creates gorgeous, lovely prints in all sorts of sizes, featuring all your favorite childhood characters. From Han Solo to hobbits, Ben has it all. Last year, I got my niece an Elsa print that is now one of her prized possessions, not to mention all the wonderful prints I got for myself. Ben is friendly and welcoming and happy to chat about anything and everything. His booth is not to be missed!

Elisa Wikey – Booth AV234


I have a problem.

Elisa is brilliant and hysterical. She creates comics and art and she is just plain awesome at it. We love the way she captures moments in a single panel, and we love her wit. Third thing we love? Butts. So many butts. I’m going to need a new wall in my house after I’m done visiting Elisa’s booth.

Geek Fuel – Booth 675

geek fuel

Get your Geek On!

Geek Fuel is a local Denver company offering monthly nerdy subscription boxes of awesome. Plus the people that work there are fun and funny and they will have lots of cool stuff for your geeky collections. You might need to buy a new shelf to show it all off after your done hanging out with Geek Fuel, but it’ll be worth it.

Kaitlin Ziesmer – AV032-33


Wonder Trooper!

I don’t even know how to truly describe Kaitlin Ziesmer. She creates these amazing pop culture mashups that are hilarious and brilliant. If the one thing you are missing in life is Wonder Woman wearing a Stormtrooper helmet, this is the booth to check out. Her work will make you laugh and think and enjoy life a little more absurdly.

Karen Hallion – Booth AV072

Belle and Doctor Who by Karen Hallion

Bell and Doctor Who by Karen Hallion

Karen Hallion is genius. Her art speaks to us. It says “Take me home and love me and find cool, whimsical ways to put me on your wall.” If you love Dr. Who, and Disney princesses and basically everything awesome, you have to stop by her booth and indulge.

Monkey Minion Press – Booth 600


Look, birds!

I’m so happy Monkey Minion is coming back to Denver Comic Con this year! These folks are funny and snarky and sharp as tacks. Oh, and they also make amazing art, as well as geeky books aimed at a younger audience. But geeks of all ages will love their books and prints and postcards! Stop by and chat with them for a bit. Your credit card company will thank you! And hopefully, we can get answer to this question.

Sphero – Booth 227


This is Shannon’s BB-8. He wants to be friends with your BB-8. So adopt one!

They make BB-8. I’m really not sure why we would need to tell you anything else? Except that they are based in Boulder, they do amazing work in robotics and toys and you should support them. So they can make us more BB-8s. Priorities!

Tentacle Kitty – Booth 149


Tentacle Kitty! This is art.

Tentacle Kitty is a ridiculously cute web comic. And they also make adorable matching plushies of their characters. It’s a kitten with tentacles. What more do you want out of life? I have a teeny black tentacle kitten that lives on my desk and fiercely protects my sushi erasers from any of my colleagues who might steal them!

Obviously, there are hundreds of artists and vendors invading the Convention Center this weekend in Denver. We cannot wait to meet even more new and amazingly talented people. We’ll see you at Con! Look for us in our super cool Happy Alien shirts! We’ll have stickers and high fives and compliments for your cosplay.

To learn more about Denver Comic Con and their partnership with Pop Culture Classroom, check out their websites here: Denver Comic Con Pop Culture Classroom

Your Post Denver Comic Con Shopping List: ART!

If you couldn’t attend Denver Comic Con this year, you missed out on a lot of great art. We shopped for you though, and have the online stores you need to check out.

Melissa Erickson has great nerd art including Marvel, Game of Thrones, Teen Wolf, Shield, Korra, and Sherlock.

Samantha Sawyer makes ridiculously cute art and buttons featuring Marvel, Doctor Who, Baymax, and more.

Dustin Resch has some pretty amazing and detailed nerd art, including Dr. Horrible, Marvel, and more.

Karen Hallion loves to mash up Disney and Doctor Who, as well as make gorgeous portraits of great female characters.

Elisa Wikey is very, very silly. She also loves to make Ron Swansons out of any request.

Cara McGee creates punk interpretations of Marvel, Doctor Who, and Sherlock characters, and makes some hilarious dumb sharks.

Kaitlin Ziesmer makes beautifully detailed geek art.

Geekify has ebook covers any geek would appreciate including the Neverending Story Cover. They also have jewelry from video games, TV, and movies, and Firefly art.

Monkey Minion Press has funny art prints, cards, shirts, books, and more.

Jenny Parks turns all your favorite characters into cats. Han Solo Cat is very serious.

Ben Byrd makes tiny, cute versions of your favorite heroes and villains, but manages to still pack in a lot of detail.

Paul Roman Martinez has fun 1941 art from his comic, Bioshock art, and a team versus team game.



To learn more about Denver Comic Con and their partnership with Pop Culture Classroom, check out their websites here: Denver Comic Con Pop Culture Classroom

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