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Not so long ago, in this galaxy, we met at a geek quiz. Since then we’ve had regular nerd days for all the necessary dissection of the Hunger Game of THOR! Potter Whedonverse. We created this sisterhood and this website to build a safe place to be a geek. We may judge some movies, books, or shows harshly, but we won’t judge their fans. There isn’t a geek-standard you have to meet to be a true geek here. If you like what we write about, join in on the comments. Our main mission is to provide a fun place to be online, and find you that book/movie/show/silly toy/droid that you are looking for.

AryaFinalCarolyn: My first true geek love was definitely The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. My dad read them aloud on camping trips and long drives. I wanted to be Merry (I also totally thought Merry was a girl) and go on adventures. After The Hobbit came Watership Down and then I fell down the rabbit hole of glorious geekdom. I love the Whedonverse and ASoIaF (Game of Thrones) and if you can’t find me here, look on Playstation wherever aliens are getting blown up. I think there should be more magic, more science and more silliness in the world. When we finish that LOTR musical, I’m totally playing Merry.

KayleeFinalMegan: I feel like there needs to be more magic-spaceship-adventure comedies, so I’m writing one. Also, there should be a LOTR musical.

HermioneFinalShannon loves editing her book so much, she’s decided to edit forever. She’s on a mission to watch every movie ever made, and is a true snack food guru. Mysteries, marvel comics, fables, and chick lit books are her go-to reading material. Well, that and everything else. She may have also sorted everyone she knows into Hogwarts Houses. We’re all Ravenclaw. FYI.

Contact us at sistersingeek@gmail.com with book review suggestions, or nerdy things you want us to write about.

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